How did a leading crafts retailer drive engage traffic with earned media?

This case study explains how a crafts retailer in Canada drove traffic to their eCommerce site via earned media.

Best Practices for Facebook Advertising
Facebook has always been one of the leading social media platforms fueling online marketing campaigns all over the world. Facebook has gained such fame and popularity because of its broad demographics, page management methods, and a lot more. In this article, we will discuss some of the best practices to use when advertising on Facebook.
Why You Should Use Facebook Lead Generation Ads To Grow Your Business
Today, the use of Facebook for marketing is more than ever. With the user base growing at an exponential rate, it is not a surprise to see people from every professional background using this platform. The best thing about Facebook is that one does not need to have a specific target audience to use it. In other words, your potential customer base on Facebook is any individual that uses the internet in any part of the world.

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