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Origin Spot is a leading IT company in Canada. It has been the preferred IT partner for various organizations to provide end-to-end solutions for their business.

Origin Spot has a robust range of IT solutions that include Business Process Management, Enterprise Content Management, Web Application Development and Mobility Solutions. These services are not limited to Canada alone but can be leveraged for the whole world.

To be the leading Information Technology company, exceeding customer expectations in delivering business and technology solutions.
Origin Spot is a Gold Sponsor at TechnoSparks 2017 and Silver Sponsor at the Digital Marketing Conference Canada 2017.

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How We Do This !

Content creation

Content creation is the most important step in web design. The site’s content needs to be unique, and interesting to share knowledge.

Visual elements

In web design, text and images are important to capture readers’ attention. Working in teams, each designer adds own vision.


Every modern website requires proper testing to make sure that it can be viewed on all devices. We take responsibility for website testing.


Once the website is completed and tested, it will be launched on the Internet to tell the whole world about your products, services.

Website Design is an integrated process which encompasses a dedicated methodology to develop a website over the internet which amalgamates fulfillment of Business objectives with customers’ needs.

In a place where everybody claims to be the best, how to find the real best Website Design Company in Canada? Well, the truth is no one company is the best fit for all website design related functions

It varies from company to company depending on their specific requirements. One who doesn’t have an extensive methodology can never understand their clients and thereby never deliver assured performance.

So, choosing the best web design company in Canada depends on how the company plans to give solutions to your Web Design requirements and the success associated with it.

What is Our Web Design Methodology?

Website Planning

During this phase, we create a blueprint for your website by identifying the structure for the home page and key internal pages. The process includes site analysis, content discovery, content planning, and wireframing. Now we create a mockup of your website in order to showcase the creative direction and layout. We begin to map out how each page will function and look, including custom graphics, images, and text that reflect your brand's voice.

Website Content

Website content is just as important as visual design. All the websites should be easy to read and keep readers interested for a longer time. In the SEO industry, the traffic source is instantly online. Therefore, any website that is not fast to load or offer a poor user experience could lead to a decrease in visitor or even loss of search engine rankings.

  • Website content is the most important part to any website. It defines who you are and what you stand for.
  • A poorly designed website could easily adversely affect the user experience, until it consumes the visitor's time.

Website Design

Our Designers create an attractive website around your brand and your unique requirements. During this phase, the Designers develop a well-balanced layout for all pages of the website. We take care to compile all of your unique information on the website. This allows you to promote and share images, videos, PDFs, documents, and other items at will. We create a visual design from initial wireframes and site layout designs to final implementation of graphics, images, and text that reflect your brand's voice. It shows the true color of your business and its personality through a well-designed website.

We create a platform that will make your business more interactive and online presence that can help your business grow brighter in the online world. This platform will make your business different from others, giving it an edge over others giving it an extra advantage over other competitors.

Our Process

During our process, the Customer is always at the center. Our process starts with analysis and continues through design and development to ensure that the final product meets all of your objectives.

Dynamic & Mobile Ready Website

For your maximum audience and the long-term growth of your business, we will build a website that is responsive to all devices. We provide you with multiple choice of designs to choose from and custom mobile templates, which include iOS or Android app development.

Web Browsers Compatibility

Every website is built to meet the most popular web browsers. We design to comply with the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, and Safari. We are using the latest technologies to provide the best possible user experience, with all major web browsers.

Sitemap and Architecture

Our SEO specialists are in contact with the customer throughout the website development process. This connection will help improve and maintain good rankings for organic search engine results, making it easier for the customers to find your website on a search engine.

Analytics and the aftermath

Every website has an analytics system that enables organizations to find out how visitors are using the website and where problems may be. This can help organizations to optimize the performance and design of a website so that visitors keep coming back for more.

SEO Audit

We include a thorough SEO audit to ensure that all of your content is optimized for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We aim to have a page that is easy to read, using keywords and phrases that will bring you the highest level of organic search ranking.

Web Designer Setup

If we are not familiar with our customers’ needs, we will schedule time for a preliminary visit for a full meeting and discussion about the scope of work. We perform thorough research on your needs and periodically check back with you if there were any changes or updates.

Website design process at Origin Spot is focused on the end-user. We believe that the best work happens in partnership with our clients and we offer them a customized website solution that addresses their unique needs. Our process includes site analysis, content discovery, content planning and wireframing. We perform an analysis of your business and its goals and objectives. We aim to identify opportunities for improving your internal processes, strengthening your user experience and search engine optimization ranking.

Origin Spot Lead Best SEO Company/Agency in Canada

We are group of passionate digital marketing experts; industry thought leaders and creative designers coming together to produce stunning ROI lead digital marketing campaigns for brands.


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Our Services

Content Writing

We have a team of content writers who can create quality and unique content to attract your target audience. Our content writing services include blogs, articles, press releases, and more.

Application Development

We are a leading software development company in Canada, creating top-notch applications to meet your organization’s needs. We create applications that get you results and coordinate with your mobile strategies.

Web Development

We have a talented team of web developers who can design, develop and maintain your website to cater to your requirements related to online marketing.

Web Design

Web design is the overall appearance of a website including the layout, navigation, graphics, style, and colors. We offer web design services for creating your own static website or E-Commerce website.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving the visibility of a website or web page in search engine results pages. SEO helps increase traffic to the site and improve online reputation.


Digital Marketing is a form of marketing that involves the use of electronic digital technologies to deliver marketing messages. We offer digital marketing solutions that are customized according to the business objectives.


There are many platforms from which your website can be created, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or GoDaddy. We choose the best platform for your website and we are experts when it comes to responsive design. We also use two main CMS and frameworks to build our websites: WordPress and Drupal.

We have a comprehensive SEO audit process to ensure that your website is optimized for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

We are an online marketing agency, and we specialize in helping our customers get more sales through their websites.

Our team is familiar with the necessities of running a small business, and we are able to accommodate any budget. We believe in excellence and an approach that will help you transform your business to reach its full potential.

We are dedicated to making your website design process a smooth and pleasant experience. We will always provide you with excellent customer service and advice.

Our innovative approach to website design is the key to our success. We understand that your business needs a website that is unique and easily navigated. Our team of experts provides you with a customized experience that fits your needs, providing you with all the tools necessary to effectively reach your target audience.

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The team of professionals offers excellent service and provides quality work. They have been working on my company’s website for the past years and doing an amazing job.


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The team of experts at Origin Spot has been able to make my website convert great for Google search results. They created my website from scratch and were good listeners and were able to provide me with the best possible deliverables.


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